Greetings From Boston!

I just wanted to let you all know that my cooking equipment and I made it to Boston in one piece! 

I’ve been here for one week and have been loving every minute of it. Well, not every minute. I was a wreck when Karl left. We had a wonderful couple of days in Boston together before he flew back to California.

Our flight to Boston was delayed by 30 minutes, which made us quite nervous because it meant a 15 minute layover, instead of 45 minutes, in Chicago. As soon as we landed and got off the plane (of course, we were sitting all the way in the back), we made a mad dash for our next flight, which just so happened to be all the way at the other end of the huge airport. I was preparing myself for the possibility that we may not make it on, which would have been awful because it was 11pm CST and our flight was the last one to Boston for the night. Somehow, with large carry-ons in hand, we made it just in time. 

We arrived in Boston at midnight. Because our plane was delayed and the layover was only 15 minutes, we were doubtful that our checked bags made it on the plane. My face lit up like a Christmas tree when I saw all four of my bags drop onto the carousel. 

Our dinner that evening consisted of a stale croissant, Southwest’s complementary peanuts, and ginger ale. It wasn’t the most balanced meal, but it was impossible to get dinner because we were in the air all day. We decided to get a little meal before we retired for the night. I rented my first Zipcar and drove us to Tasty Burger in Cambridge, one of the only places open at 1:30am.

Tasty Burger was an eye-opening experience. It was a little burger joint with a lot of drunk people. As an undergrad, I think I went out at night three or four times. I really had no idea what college night life was like! I guess greasy burgers and fries are the best things ever when you’re intoxicated because this place was absolutely packed. You can believe that Karl and I ordered our food to-go. I must say that the food, albeit greasy, was yummy.

I somehow managed to furnish and decorate my room in just two days. With lots of patience, I found great deals. 

Desk – $35 from Craigstlist
2 chairs – $20 from Craigstlist
Dresser – $60 from Craigstlist
Rug, a sweet gift from Karl – $90 from Marshall’s
Nightstand – $40 from Marshall’s
Mirror – $35 from Marshall’s
Burlap Bulletin Board – $40 from Marshall’s
Three lamps – $60 from Bed, Bath, and Beyond

We spent Karl’s last day in Boston touring the area by following the Freedom Trail. I am in love with Boston! The city has so much history, charm, and beauty. The seafood is delicious. We had some clam chowdah, lobstah bisque, and fish & chips. Faneuil Hall was my dream come true. The first floor of this long beautiful building had only food vendors. I was in Heaven! There’s so much to do, see, and eat here. Boston Public Garden is a gem. I loved it so much that I returned three days later with a book to read on the grass. 

After Karl left, I was invited to go to NYC with my roommates, and I accepted! We were only there for 4 hours, but I had such a wonderful time. Sarah and I were on a hunt for the cronut. It didn’t take us long to find the bakery, Dominique Ansel, but when we got there, we found out they were all sold out. It was only 11am! The day before we left to NY, I learned that there are several Dean & Deluca locations, a shop that stocks Marco Polo tea, in the city. Everything I loved was in walking distance of each other in NYC and that’s what I loved about the city! Before we headed back, I met up with an old friend from high school at the beautiful and famous Laduree. The tea and macarons were delicious, although no macaron can rival Bouchons. Traffic aside, I loved everything about New York. 

Because I’m still settling in and one of my roommates are currently moving in, the kitchen is a mess. Work starts on Tuesday, and I plan on blogging again soon! 

I love my Nikon, but I don’t like to have too much on me when I’m traveling. Thus, all of these photos were taken on our iPhone 5s:

Boarding Pass | Sprig and Flours View from the Plane | Sprig and Flours

Nothing better than a view from above.

Karl Sleeping | Sprig and Flours

Karl and Connie | Sprig and Flours My Room 2 | Sprig and FloursMy Room | Sprig and Flours Karl at Flour Bakery | Sprig and Flours

We finally got to try the famous sticky buns from Flour Bakery! As expected, they were amazing.

Freedom Trail | Sprig and Flours

The Freedom Trail.

Old North Church | Sprig and Flours Karl and Connie at Old North Church | Sprig and Flours

Posing with Paul.

Boston Public Garden | Sprig and Flours

Boston Penny | Sprig and Flours

 50 cents well spent!

Boston Old State House | Sprig and Flours

The old state house.

Faneuil Hall | Sprig and Flours

Inside Faneuil Hall. 

Site of the Boston Massacre | Sprig and Flours Connie with Clam Chowder | Sprig and Flours

I came for the research, but I stayed for the clam chowdah.

Spring St, NYC | Sprig and Flours

Spring Street in NYC. 

Cronut Sign | Sprig and Flours

Well, I would if I had a cronut!!

Dean and Deluca | Sprig and Flours

Dean and Deluca is my grown-up Toys R Us.

Laduree | Sprig and Flours


  1. Sarah says:

    Your apartment looks really cute, and Flour bakery is amazing! 🙂 — especially their blueberry lemon breakfast cake. Dean and Deluca is so fun – it’s kind of like Drager’s on the West Coast. This post reminds me of the year I lived on the East Coast! 🙂 Can’t wait to hear more.

    • Connie says:

      Aww thank you so much Sarah! I really have to stop myself from visiting Flour so often (: I’ll definitely try their blueberry lemon breakfast cake next. I am a sucker for anything blueberry!

  2. Liz @ Floating Kitchen says:

    Glad you made it safely! And I love seeing all these pictures. I’m originally from New Hampshire, so I spent my fair share of time in Boston. I love the Freedom Trail! And my favorite eat is to get clam chowda’ in a big bread bowl in Faneuil Hall!

  3. Anna says:

    Hi Connie, great to see your apt and hear of your first week. Thanks for sharing the nice photos. Best of luck with the start of your new job tomorrow! and btw, I finally baked the blueberry muffins this afternoon, and Robert & I had one with our dinner. Very good – and now we need a few more eaters to work on the other 10!

  4. Anna says:

    oh and I forgot to tell you, Dean & DeLuca has their admin HQ in Wichita, and also their call center – crazy but true – also a store and cafe in the Kansas City area, Leawood.

    • Connie says:

      Hi Anna, thank you!! I’ve been craving blueberry muffins. I think I’ll have to whip up a batch soon. Thankfully I have three roommates to help me eat them. I can’t believe Dean & DeLuca’s HQ is in Wichita – that is so cool!

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