My family’s trip to the East Coast, part II

I’m back from vacation with my family, and here are some fun times in NYC and Washington DC captured on my Nikon! I did a bad job of taking photos of all the delicious things I ate while I was on vacation, but here a list of the foods that I managed to photograph (in order of appearance):

  • Great NY Noodletown // 28 Bowery, New York, NY 10013 – beef noodle soup
  • Bleecker St Pizza // 69 7th Ave S, New York, NY 10014 – Nonna Maria & Sicilian
  • Pho Vietnam 87 // 87 Chrystie St, New York, NY 10002 – bun thit nuong
  • Wafels & Dinges // W 35th St, New York, NY 10001 – brussels wafel with maple syrup and whipped cream

DSC_2936DSC_2933DSC_2938DSC_2940 DSC_2943 DSC_2958 DSC_2971 DSC_3010DSC_3023 DSC_3090 DSC_3091 DSC_3105 DSC_3106 DSC_3123 DSC_3127DSC_3151DSC_3139DSC_3170 DSC_3174 DSC_3185 DSC_3208 DSC_3210DSC_3213 DSC_3219 DSC_3220 DSC_3302DSC_3275DSC_3246DSC_3337 DSC_3340 DSC_3386 DSC_3392 DSC_3427 DSC_3436 DSC_3440 DSC_3998 DSC_4029 DSC_4084 DSC_4128 DSC_4149DSC_4173DSC_4188 DSC_4192 DSC_4206 DSC_4209 DSC_4220 DSC_4269DSC_4281DSC_4314DSC_4302DSC_4309DSC_4328DSC_4330DSC_4345DSC_4354 DSC_4365 DSC_4393 DSC_4441 DSC_4445 DSC_4452 DSC_4459 DSC_4463 DSC_4475 DSC_4480 DSC_4484 DSC_4498DSC_4527 DSC_4536 DSC_4545 DSC_4548 DSC_4554 DSC_4555 DSC_4557 DSC_4562 DSC_4570 DSC_4573 DSC_4574 DSC_4577 DSC_4578 DSC_4580 DSC_4586 DSC_4590 DSC_4611DSC_4631 DSC_4644


  1. Anna N Uhlig says:

    love your vacation photos!! thanks for sharing – you take great pics –

    things are slowwwly coming along at 1227, makin’ progress!

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