Thanksgiving for 10 for 2 + The Commencement of Christmas

My two favorite activities, without a doubt, are cooking and planning. So when November rolls around, I am just over the moon. It was my first Thanksgiving away from my family, and despite the lack of besotted uncles and gossiping aunts, Karl and I had a lovely night. I had been plotting away at a full Thanksgiving feast for just the two of us. 

It took hours and hours of planning and two busy days of cooking. But my goodness, it was so worth it. Here’s what I served for my classic and traditional Thanksgiving dinner (I swear I tried cutting down on some sides, but I couldn’t forgo a dish without feeling like dinner would be incomplete):

IMG_2469 IMG_2475 IMG_2463 Pecan Pie Coffee Braid DSC_8063 DSC_8022Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

After the sparking apple cider ran dry, we wasted no time finding a tree farm where we could chop down our own balsam fir. I go absolutely nuts over Christmas, so you can imagine how much I was bouncing up and down in the car as we approached the farm. (By the way, if you want to find us in ten years, we’ll be living somewhere in North Massachusetts. It has been decided).

We spotted the sweetest tree forty seconds into our tree search. It was dwarfed, but so fragrant and cute. Also it was just five dollars! We knew it was the one, and fortunately Karl and I had just enough cash on hand to purchase it plus a cup of hot chocolate!

IMG_2545 IMG_2550 IMG_2570 IMG_2555 IMG_2571 IMG_2574 IMG_2565 IMG_2588And after a long weekend of festivities, we were all so excited for bedtime (:


  1. ellie says:

    I’m seriously impressed by the perfect aesthetics of the food! Normally I always end up with weird folds in the dough, an awkward charred spot, and the list goes on… 😛 And that sign you’re standing under is so adorable, I should totally do that for Selah!

  2. Anna N Uhlig says:

    such a fun post, and your culinary creations look delicious and beautiful both!
    hope you’re enjoying all those leftovers –
    hmm, northern MA in 10 years? maybe so, you never know!

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