Labor Day Weekend at Acadia National Park

I crave pies and other sweets all the time, but there is nothing more strong than my craving for beautiful woodlands and bodies of water. Last weekend, Karl and I headed north to the small (but impressive) state of Maine. We packed some Whole Foods’ sandwiches and two cans of San Pellegrino and were on our way to Acadia National Park.

Goal one was to find a nice spot to sit and eat our lunch. There was no challenge in that because everything was fantastically beautiful inside the park. We perched ourselves on large boulders surrounding the ocean shoreline and set up camp for a moment.

After a barbaric hunt for parking (it was Labor Day weekend after all), we climbed up Gorham Mountain. The views from the short hike were spectacular. Eventually we found ourselves at Jordan Pond and spent two and a half hours walking around its narrow rim. I did a little more tripping than walking… apparently I haven’t quite mastered putting one foot in front of the other.

Call us crazy, but Karl and I have decided to put all 59 national parks on our bucket list – yes including American Samoa! Until the next recipe…or national park (:

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